Upcycled Art Exhibit Call for Entries Submission Form

Ever’man is celebrating Earth Day 2017 by exhibiting artworks made from recycled and reused materials. Entries are open to all artists. We are accepting small and large-scale works.

Ever’man Cooperative Grocery & Cafe, Established in 1973, has been the Gulf Coast’s destination for health conscious and green consumers since day one. We value diversity, the health and well being of our community,the environment and its offerings and, support local farmers and businesses.

This exhibit is at the heart of what Ever’man stands for and we would like to support our town’s local artists by providing space to display their work. We are excited to host this event.

Download the submission form here: ArtExhibitSubmissionForm

Return the completed form to the store, or email it to graphicdesign@everman.org

The submission deadline is:  March 31st, 2017