Ever’man Meal in a Bag Donations


(Pictured above: Ever'man Meal in a Bag and its contents)

Help us give a family a wholesome Thanksgiving!

Starting now through November 17th, look for the  Ever’man Meal in a Bag display in the co-op.

Your purchase of each bag filled with organic and natural Thanksgiving meal fixings will be donated to a local family in need. Each bag contains supplies & ingredients to create a nutritious meal, and includes: organic beans, rice, pasta, canned goods, and other natural Thanksgiving staples. Each bag is discounted for donation; for only$20.00 they can be purchased at Ever'man Cooperative Grocery & Cafe.

If you want to purchase a bag online, please visit our EventBrite page at this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/everman-meal-in-a-bag-tickets-39447883682

The Ever’man Meal in a Bag donation program is organized in partnership with Members First Credit Union and MANNA Food Pantries. It is made possible with the generous product support of National Co+op Grocers (NCG) and Field Day.

The 2017 Ever’man Meal in a Bag contains: Organic Arrowhead Mills Stuffing (10 oz.), Organic Farmer Pumpkin Pie Mix  (15oz.), Organic Field Day Applesauce (24 oz.), Organic Field Day Black Beans (15 oz.), Organic Field Day Low Sodium Broth (32 oz.), Organic Field Day Fusilli pasta (16 oz.), Organic Field Day Green Beans (14.5 oz.), Organic Field Day Kidney Beans (15.25 oz.), Field Day Skipjack No Sodium Tuna (5 oz., 2 cans), Organic Field Day Sweet Corn (15.25 oz.), Organic Field Day Sweet Peas (15 oz.), Organic Grown Right Cranberry Sauce (14 oz.),  Organic Horizon Whole Milk (32 oz.), Organic Lundberg Short Brown Rice (2 lb.), and Organic Woodstock Irish Style Oatmeal (18.5 oz).

Each Ever’man Meal in a Bag purchased in-store or online will remain at the Ever’man Store until they are delivered directly to MANNA Food Pantries. All donations collected in-store and online during the month of November will also go to MANNA Food Pantries.

With your generous support, Ever’man members and customers will help MANNA meet its Thanksgiving 2017 goals.