Ever'man is managed by and for its members, based on universally recognized cooperative principles.

This makes Ever’man more democratic than most organizations and allows for equal contribution to the organization’s goals regardless of gender, creed, race, or political views.

If you love our mission, why not join? Members receive benefits that go beyond discounts and are able to bring their passions to an organization committed to instilling local and meaningful change.


  • Membership Benefits

    • Voting Privileges
    • Member specials, special order discounts, new member coupons and other member mail outs.
    • Discounts to events such as our cooking classes and educational seminars.
    • Eligibility to run for the Board of Directors.
    • Have your voice heard for consideration surrounding store policy, product selection, and day-to-day operations.
    • Support of local, regional, and national organizations.




    Membership Fees

    $12 per year for a family household membership.
    $5 per year for seniors 65 years of age and older.